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performance marketing

How To Choose A Right Performance Marketing Tool For Your Business?

Over the years, as the time elapses, the advertisers, ad network agencies, and publishers came across the same problem – when to start an affiliate program & how to promote a product efficiently with tracking. They all want was to get best ROI from their affiliate program. They work on different media buying models likewise CPA(Cost per Acquisition), CPM(Cost per Thousand Impressions), CPC(Cost per click) or CPS(Cost per Sale) dependingRead more

vNative Received Marketing Software Awards | FinancesOnline

vNative was waiting for this day to happen and it finally came…..  vNative got Two Awards through a renowned organization FinancesOnline, a fastest growing independent review platform, which is as follows:  vNative enters in the Top Marketing Softwares league with 100% User- Experience rate awarded by FinancesOnline. They rewarded vNative with a Title, “Rising Star of the Campaign Management Softwares”. That eventually gave vNative, a 36th Rank in the Marketing Softwares.Read more

Android Attribution SDK

How To Choose The Best Android Attribution SDK?

If you are amongst these people( affiliates, advertisers or an ad agency) who is ready to track their activities of the app via technology like vNative or a person who is just keen to know about Android Attribution SDK for future. Then you are at right place to understand it. And, luckily, you do not need any prior knowledge about it to perceive as I will briefly explain youRead more


Here are the 8 Affiliate Marketing books which will help you to leap a step forward in gaining the knowledge in the field of Affiliate Marketing and give you an edge over your competitors and colleagues.   1. A Complete Guide to Affiliate Marketing on the Web: How to Use and Profit from Affiliate Marketing Programs – Bruce. C. Brown (2009) Basically focused on ideas and tips through interviewsRead more


Two days back one of my clients asked me about the mindset of an affiliate while assessing an Affiliate Network. As an affiliate network conserving the affiliates is one of the big factors in scaling your business. In this article, I tried to cover some of the most important facts that each affiliate had in mind while signing up on your network.  Mindset 1: Revenue Earning The affiliates always check youRead more


Affiliate marketing is where one party has something to sell, and another party promotes it for them to their own contacts or via their own site. It is beneficial to both parties because the person with something to sell gets more business, and the person doing the marketing for them gets to make money.Finding affiliates is a combination of simply asking people and letting interested parties know about yourRead more


CREATE CONTENT UNIQUE FROM THE COMPETITION. A well-built content is an amalgamation of ample amount of relevant information and gripping graphics which doesn’t consume much time of the user. Creating great content is one of the best ways to convert leads and the first step towards a successful affiliate marketing. Create content with planned research and studies so that your competition is always a step behind. TARGET NICHE AUDIENCERead more

Product Update: Campaign Redirect & Cap Alerting

On our beloved client’s demand, we are glad to introduce this new Feature of Campaign Redirect & Cap Alerting. As a network, we don’t want to waste single traffic, so these features in our software help network optimizing traffic on campaigns. Campaign Redirect Normally when the traffic does not meet the targeting settings, e.g. the campaign is expired, caps exceeded, or geo-targeting is not matched, these traffic will beRead more

What Is Smartlink & How To Use It?

SmartLink is a link containing various offers in it.  Indeed, a “SmartLink” is a URL where you can send any and all traffic and the network filters the different traffic segments to the corresponding offers and valid offers. Basically, you are assuring that every click will be monetized and none will get lost along the way, due to possible incorrect geo/device/operator etc filtering. For example, if there are someRead more

Make money by referring vNative to your friends

What is vNative Referral Program? Ever wonder that you actually could use vNative platform for FREE, or even make money with us? No kidding! With the launch of vNative Referral Program on our platform, what you need to do is only a few clicks and everything is simple and easy! vNative Referral Program is a newly released program by vNative. The program allows you the opportunity to receive rewards basedRead more

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