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Track performance of your PPCMate Campaigns

‘If you are an Advertiser on PPCMate and you want to track the ROI of the campaign running on PPCMate. Then you’ll be easily able to track all the clicks and conversions. Steps to Follow: Step I:     Create a Publisher Account for PPCMate. Goto: Publisher >> Add>>Fill the form and SUBMIT. To know more in detail click here. Step II:   Create a New Campaign of theRead more

Run a Referral Program for Publishers

What is Publishers Referral Program? Referral Program for Publishers is a way to drive new publisher to your network through individuals who work for you directly. In practice, they can actually be rather different ways of acquiring new users in your network.  Publishers Referral Program isn’t overly complex. In fact, getting started is as simple as putting yourself in your publisher’s shoes. Objectively, would you recommend your company’s products toRead more

How to Integrate Networks(using Hasoffers) with vNative

Integrating a network’s offers with another using the different software is a quite a tough task. But since vNative have great customer success managers the network integrations becomes easy.  Different software has different tokens to pass. In this article, we will learn to integrate vNative with networks like vCommissions who are using Hasoffers as a tracking platform. In general, there are two ways the systems could be set up: You deploy theRead more

E-Commerce sales tracking using vNative

vNative provides real-time analytics in a single convenient dashboard. from managing, reporting and optimizing your E-commerce Affiliate traffic. The four major tracking components of vNative’s E-commerce functionality include: Product Feed Commerce Pixel / Postback with Order Details Campaign Setup with Customized Payout Rules (Offer/Campaign) Publisher Feeds Your Product Feed. vNative will load a product feed for your entire storefront or subsets of your storefront on a scheduled interval soRead more

Integrate tracking pixel with Google Tag Manager.

If you’re using Google Tag Manager to manage tags for your website and iIf you want to install the vNative pixel tracking code. follow these steps: Create a vNative pixel. Our Pixel will look like this <img src=’‘> vNative. provide tracking pixel code for every conversion campaign.You can get it from postback and pixel option in campaign details.   Now next step is to connect vNative pixel to your GoogleRead more

Measuring ROI from Google Adwords PPC Campaign

AdWords is one of the main PPC (pay-per-click) advertising platforms online, and setting up your affiliates tracking links from vNative to work with AdWords only takes a few steps. Set Up Custom Tracking Domain Before having affiliates start running traffic through AdWords campaigns, your vNative’s tracking links should be updated to use a custom tracking domain. Using a custom tracking domain greatly increases the likelihood of an affiliate’s trackingRead more

How to create CPI campaigns

Note:  To Run CPI campaigns you need to integrate install tracking in your Android App. Creati ng campaigns is the fundamental requirement for running the network. With our auto-fetch system, we help users to automate the campaign’s details entry while creating the campaigns. To create the campaign you have to: Step I     : Goto Campaigns from the campaigns tab on the left side, Step II   : Click on New Campaign buttonRead more

How To Make A Successful Backlink Strategy That Works?

  When it comes to Digital Marketing, Backlinks holds the important place in defining the authority of a website. And trust me it matters a lot from SEO(Search Engine Optimization) perspective.    By building a relationship with bigger influencers, you open the door to even more marketing opportunities including additional articles and guest blogs, perhaps collaboration on same projects, and networking can help you make a strong Backlink.  Read more

Conversion tracking Using Postback and it’s benefits.

What is Server-to-Server / Postback Tracking? This tracking link is also known as cookie-less tracking or S2S conversion tracking or post back URL conversion. With this tracking URL, you can track conversions without the necessity to modify the thank you or confirmation page. In server to server / Postback tracking, there is no need to resort to last touch attribution because every time a user views your ads we generate aRead more

Getting Started with Cost per Sale Marketing

CPS – Cost Per Sale, is an online advertising model based on each time a sale is made. Running a CPS campaign, you pay only after a sale (involving an actual credit card transaction) has been completed. This is in contrast to the potentially risky structure of other marketing and advertising options where costs must be compensated upfront and despite the success or failure of the campaign. Running a CPSRead more

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