Cancel conversions Manually

vNative gives you the ability to cancel the conversions as they come into the vNative system.  vNative have two ways to cancel the conversions.   After cancel conversion dashboard updated accordingly.

1. Using Cancel button,

2. Using Postback URL.

After cancelling the conversion dashboard updated accordingly.


Using Cancel Button

To Cancel conversion you should know the click_id of the conversion manually.  Go to Server log  >> Conversion, then click on the cancel button against the campaign.Shown in the figure.

After clicking on cancel our system will show you the warning, if you want to continue with the cancellation of the conversion, then click on OK otherwise click on cancel.

After clicking on OK your conversion will get canceled and the cancellation will reflect in the new invoice of the affiliates.

Hence you can check that your conversion has been canceled.


Cancel conversion using postback URL

If you want to use the postback URL to cancel the conversion, then you can cancel it by writing the click_id of that conversion against this link : CAMPAIGN_CLICK_ID .

For  example: if I want to cancel the conversion of a campaign with the click_Id=589b52e2a0f78601bf5ea3f2, then I will open a new tab in a browser then type: .  The value after the equals sign is changeable according to your campaign which you want to cancel.

After entering the url in another browser Tab you will get this message.

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