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Pixels v/s Postbacks: Which Tracking Method is Better?

Marketers are often stuck between choosing pixel tracking or postback tracking when it comes to performance marketing. These two major tracking methods are most commonly used among marketers, and because of its features, sometimes, it’s hard to determine which is better between the two. If you and your advertiser are still stuck between choosing between pixels and postbacks, here is a complete difference that can help you make aRead more

City Targeting

Specific City Targeting of your Ads

This one is the brand new feature of specific city targeting of campaigns. You can easily target your campaigns among 5000+ cities. This new feature will give you the granularity to specific city target. For example, suppose you are running a campaign of local city e-store of California, that store only server for California so that store will only pay you for the conversion only from California. Using our ‘CityRead more

6 good features of vNative | Performance Marketing Software

vNative has emerged as a leading player by offering a wide range of attractive features in its niche to serve hundreds of AdNetworks till now through its high-end software. What makes our software unique are easy to understand yet powerful features providing the user with feasible solutions to day to day complex problems.   WHITE LABEL BRANDING Through multi-level customization, brand your own network to the highest potential andRead more

performance marketing

How To Choose A Right Performance Marketing Tool For Your Business?

Over the years, as the time elapses, the advertisers, ad network agencies, and publishers came across the same problem – when to start an affiliate program & how to promote a product efficiently with tracking. They all want was to get best ROI from their affiliate program. They work on different media buying models likewise CPA(Cost per Acquisition), CPM(Cost per Thousand Impressions), CPC(Cost per click) or CPS(Cost per Sale) dependingRead more

Product Update: Campaign Redirect & Cap Alerting

On our beloved client’s demand, we are glad to introduce this new Feature of Campaign Redirect & Cap Alerting. As a network, we don’t want to waste single traffic, so these features in our software help network optimizing traffic on campaigns. Campaign Redirect Normally when the traffic does not meet the targeting settings, e.g. the campaign is expired, caps exceeded, or geo-targeting is not matched, these traffic will beRead more

What Is Smartlink & How To Use It?

SmartLink is a link containing various offers in it.  Indeed, a “SmartLink” is a URL where you can send any and all traffic and the network filters the different traffic segments to the corresponding offers and valid offers. Basically, you are assuring that every click will be monetized and none will get lost along the way, due to possible incorrect geo/device/operator etc filtering. For example, if there are someRead more

Make money by referring vNative to your friends

What is vNative Referral Program? Ever wonder that you actually could use vNative platform for FREE, or even make money with us? No kidding! With the launch of vNative Referral Program on our platform, what you need to do is only a few clicks and everything is simple and easy! vNative Referral Program is a newly released program by vNative. The program allows you the opportunity to receive rewards basedRead more


Integrate Networks(using Cake Platform) with vNative

Integrating a network’s offers with another using the different software is a quite a tough task. But since vNative have great customer success managers it has become easy to integrate network.  Different software has different tokens to pass. In this article, we will learn to integrate vNative with networks who are using CAKE as a tracking platform. In general, there are two ways the systems could be set up: You deploy theRead more

Product Update

This week we’re reaching back a few weeks to discuss a feature we never had a chance to highlight. While working with some of our clients, we felt that we need to do some update in our vNative. That’s why we are proud to bring you this Product Update. Recently we introduced the following update in our platform: Click_id in Callback logs, Introducing New Macros as {random}, Allow conversion_idRead more

Integrate your tracking with Google Analytics

Google Analytics is NOT ROI measuring software. Just having Google Analytics won’t work for tracking performance of your campaigns. Sure, it’ll reconcile sales, but it won’t be able to reconcile conversions with different publishers. It’s an analytics software, not a measurement platform. There’s a huge difference. Performance marketing software has many tools to allow you to manage and work with publishers. Web analytics tools (like GA) don’t provide tools to manage them,Read more

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