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Unveiling vNative’s New Look

We're pushing the brand-new look for the vNative dashboard interface! The main goal of this theme is to update the look and feel of vNative dashboard. This upgradation will provide a better experience with newer features like our Campaign Performance Report, Goal-wise report, Data Audit Log and many other. Admin Panel Ability to export data out of vNative, Ability to import from Other Software, API Enhancements: Ability to easily Integrate using API,Read more
City Targeting

Specific City Targeting of your Ads

This one is the brand new feature of specific city targeting of campaigns. You can easily target your campaigns among 5000+ cities. This new feature will give you the granularity to specific city target. For example, suppose you are running a campaign of local city e-store of California, that store only server for California so that store will only pay you for the conversion only from California. Using our ‘CityRead more

Product Update: Campaign Redirect & Cap Alerting

On our beloved client’s demand, we are glad to introduce this new Feature of Campaign Redirect & Cap Alerting. As a network, we don’t want to waste single traffic, so these features in our software help network optimizing traffic on campaigns. Campaign Redirect Normally when the traffic does not meet the targeting settings, e.g. the campaign is expired, caps exceeded, or geo-targeting is not matched, these traffic will beRead more

Product Update

This week we’re reaching back a few weeks to discuss a feature we never had a chance to highlight. While working with some of our clients, we felt that we need to do some update in our vNative. That’s why we are proud to bring you this Product Update. Recently we introduced the following update in our platform: Click_id in Callback logs, Introducing New Macros as {random}, Allow conversion_idRead more

vNative Stable Version 1.0.2

To satisfy our clients’ constantly growing needs, vNative has never stopped our chase for a better platform. In this new vNative Stable version 1.0.2, we released  Stable version of performance marketing improvements. Import Data from Other Network Time is money! Yet there might be quite a lot of scenarios that you want to schedule the status of or Import a great bunch of offers at the same time and ifRead more

Run a Referral Program for Publishers

What is Publishers Referral Program? Referral Program for Publishers is a way to drive new publisher to your network through individuals who work for you directly. In practice, they can actually be rather different ways of acquiring new users in your network.  Publishers Referral Program isn’t overly complex. In fact, getting started is as simple as putting yourself in your publisher’s shoes. Objectively, would you recommend your company’s products toRead more

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