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Over 700+ companies are using vNative products to track their digital marketing spend in real-time, gaining valuable insight into the channels.
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“vNative provide zero fraud tolerance. Panel is remarkably easy. delivers on every front. Flexible pricing model, extremely responsive support. We experienced that vNative have some unique features that other platform doesn’t have.”

Karan Anand
VP & Head

“Being a premiere customer of vNative service has allowed us to achieve high levels of reliability and performance.  We are very excited to work with vNative.”

Devesh Ram Srivastava
Founder, Millennial Digital

“Thoughtfulness of design is robust and have lots of features.vNative support helps us integrating easily and quickly with global networks.”

Sumit Nayyar

We’ve switched from another affiliate software to vNative. vNative is a much more advanced tool and it offers a lot more features than our previous tool. We’re very happy with our decision to switch to vNative.

Husam Eyadat

Using the vNative platform allows us to efficiently set up and deliver our campaigns at a very detailed level. We have a complete view of and access to all key data such as mobile device, carrier or offer. This information allows us to manage our platform, campaigns, and publishers in real time.

Mike Jhonson

“vNative delivers on every front. Flexible pricing model, extremely responsive support and a constantly developing stable platform. We had ZERO downtime so far.”

Wasim Khan

“Dashboard looks elegant. vNative support is top class for an Ad Network. With the support from these guys we never struggled while performing integration with the other global networks. System allows us to work on affiliate with an ease.”

James McAteer

” vNative takes all the hassle out of setting up an affiliate program. It allows us to work on affiliate with an ease.”

Antonio Fernandez Silva

” We love vNative, it’s pretty simple to use and I recommended it to many other companies.”

Emiliano Giovannoni
Chief Executive Officer

“I was impressed with vNative’s technical capabilities and performance. But it was the deep knowledge and customer focus of their implementation team that really made our successful transition possible.”

Abhishek Garg
CEO & Founder

“We Tried lots of platforms and services but made a decision to switch to vNative and give it a try to boost our business. Now I feel that it was the best decision we made. Due to full customization and nimble customer support we grow really fast. Best customer support till now.”

Anshul Rastogi

“We need to make sure technology investment won’t become a burden for our business. And we evaluated that vNative has the best pricing policy with excellent customer support.”

Mayank Verma
Operations Head

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