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From performance marketing to referral marketing - vNative has numerous features to make your Marketing Campaigns process fast and easy through the use of our software.
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 Offer Caps & Special Caps

Easily set click and conversion caps on offers and publishers according to conversion quantity and budget.

Image result for data tracking iconEvent Tracking and Custom Goals

Go beyond single revenue-generating conversions and see what events are really driving conversions. Set up custom goals.

 Image result for restriction icon pngSmart Caps

Unique feature that increases your revenue up to 10-15% instantly by smart caps management between your Publishers.

Image result for landing page icon pngLanding Pages Support

vNative allows you to use as many custom landing pages for every offer as you need. Easy to add and to manage.

Image result for multiple choice model icon Multiple Price Model

We support multiple pricing models with multiple currencies. CPA, CPS, CPC,  CPI, Revenue Sharing and So on.

Image result for access control icon pngOffer Access Control

You can manually approve and authorize access to offers. Three access modes are available: Public, Private and Requires Permission.

Image result for refer a friend icon Referral Rewards

Everything is customized: timeframes, amounts and payment models, including profit shares, revenue percentages or a simple flat fee.

Image result for billing invoice iconBilling for Publishers

We support auto-generation, batch-generation, and manual invoices creation. We also allow you to edit, check, adjust billings and download PDF reports.

Image result for data tracking iconPixel and Postback Control

Simplify workflow by allowing administrators and publishers to control postback and pixels within virtually any network or platform in real-time.

 Image result for brand white label iconWhite-label

Brand your network’s interface through multilevel customization.

Custom Report Calculations

Create custom calculations on each report and share via Custom Reporting Views instead of just exporting your reports to Excel.

Image result for support iconSuperior Support

Get industry-leading support; 24 hours, 7 days a week.

 Image result for alert icon pngAlert & Notification

Automatically & Instantly alert affiliates for critical status changes. Alerts can be customized and turned on only when required.

Image result for automate icon pngAuto-Generate Invoices

Easily generate invoices manually or even automatically with just a few click setting. Store financial information conveniently.

Image result for native ads icon pngChameleon Technology

Our proprietary Chameleon Technology helps campaigns blend in with the regular content on the page providing a superior user experience.

Image result for native ads icon pngNative Recommendation Engine

Become a part of the Native revolution and leverage our proprietary Native Recommendation engine that helps your business run relevant ads across Publisher websites, thus increasing your CTRs and page-views.

Image result for domain iconDomain Masking

Convert campaign URLs and other creative code with your tracking domain to protect the origin from affiliates.

Related imageXLS/CSV Analysis

Export all the data to XLS/CSV files and run deeper analysis for better insight.

Our Integration with Different Platforms

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