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Full Guide to Create your First Campaign.

Initial Setup Guide

Awesome! You are now able to empower your organization with the intelligence needed to clarify and optimize marketing spend, properly attribute Publisher payouts, and increase online sales and lead management efforts. Follow this very simple guide to get started using your shiny new toy!

Before Setting your First Campaign you can

Step 1: Enter the Campaign Details

Choose the Campaign Objective from Conversions, Sale, App Installs, Impressions, Clicks.

Title of your campaign: Enter the Title of the Campaign here. 
Landing page URL of your campaign: Landing page URL is the target URL where traffic will be sent to.
Details of your campaign: Enter the Detail of the Campaign.
Image: Enter the image of the campaign.

Step 2: Enter the Owner's/Payout Info

Add the Campaign Owner.

Owner Name: Add the Advertiser/Owner.
Owner Email: Advertiser/Owner Email Id.

Add the Revenue/Payout.

Revenue: Payment you are getting for this campaign from your Advertiser.
Payout: Payment you are spending running campaigns or if you are having your own publishers, then this would be the payment to them.

Step 3: Set the Target & Restriction

Select the Platforms:
Select the Device on which you want to calculate the Finance.

Visibility let you make the campaign private or public.This feature will help you when you are having your own publisher.

  • Private:  While doing the campaigns private only you and your selected publisher can see that campaign and can run that campaign.
  • Public: While doing the campaigns public every publisher can see that campaign and will able to run that campaign.
  • Permission: By enabling this the publisher will need your permission to run that campaign.

Select the country wise restriction.

Last Step is to Click on Create button. Then your First Campaign on vNative will be Created.

Generate Your First Link

Note: You can only create your first link after adding at least one Publisher Account.Learn how you can add yourself as a Publisher.

To generate the link, click on Campaign then Select the campaign whose link you want to generate, then select the Publisher from the Left Side Options. Your First campaigns link has been ready to test, you can copy and test the link.

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