Image Pixel Tracking Setup

Pixel-based tracking is the simplest way to track conversions for the campaigns. Setting up a campaign to tracking using pixels is very simple and only involves placing the Campaign pixel on the conversion page. Ad/Affiliate Networks saves lots of time in integration by using Pixel Tracking. Pixel tracking will drop a cookie in the user’s browser when a click is occurred and will call back the cookie again on conversion placed to verify the conversion. The conversion information can all be extracted from that cookie and saved in Conversion Report.

Setting Up the Tracking Pixel

We have two ways to set up the pixel tracking.

  1. Using Google Tag Manager, read this article to know more:
  2. Installing the Pixel tracking code on to the Advertiser’s Success Page.

Get the Pixel Code for the Campaign.

To Get the Pixel Code you need to create the campaign first, Learn how to create the campaign on vNative.
After creating the campaign, you can find the pixel code at the bottom. Now your Pixel code for the campaign has been Ready.


Integration with Advertisers

For CPI, CPL, CPA Campaign, Image Pixel as below can be sent to your advertiser directly.

<!– vNative Tracking Pixel –>

<img src=””>

<!– End vNative Tracking Pixel –>

For CPS Campaign, when Image Pixel as below is sent to your advertiser.

<!– vNative Tracking Pixel –>

<img src=””>

<!– End vNative Tracking Pixel –>

Image Pixel code is same for the campaign of a Single Advertiser. If you are working with an Advertiser working with you on many campaigns and all the campaigns having the same Success Page or  ‘Thank You’ page then you can integrate with the using single pixel generated for that advertiser.

Click here to setup Upsells Tracking.

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