Track Upsells in Affiliate Marketing

In vNative, by default, any duplicated click Id which is received will be automatically discarded to prevent false conversions from being recorded. However, an exception to this default setting is when the same primary click Id has a unique click Id recorded. The use of a unique transaction value within a postback URL or tracking pixel is applicable when you wish to record secondary conversion steps (also known as upsells) per visitor after the primary conversion.

vNative postback URLs and all variations of tracking pixel URLs (tracking pixel URL, tracking pixel, tracking script) support the click_id, txn_id parameter. This parameter should include a value uniquely identifying a conversion.



Postback will look like this:{click_id}&security_token=6992efeae57bff7b6da5&txn_id=ORDERID&rate=AMOUNT


Pixel will look like this:

<img src=””>


Example of the Pixel firing in the upsells tracking:

<img src=””>

<img src=””>


How to check the Results

To check the result, Go to the Conversion log in the Reports Section by Selecting Txn ID in the Reporting Options.

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