Import Campaigns Data

If you have previous Campaigns in your previous tracking software or you have some offline conversion reports then you can add conversion manually with vNative CSV import feature. To import conversion data follow the below steps;

Step 1: Click on integrations,

Step 2: Click on CSV uploads,

Step 3: Click on Campaigns and select the file from your computer and click on Upload.

Before clicking on upload button make sure the .csv file should be in the required format.

title,url,preview_url, and advertiser_id are the required fields in the CSV file. Even if one of the record in these columns are incorrect then that whole record wouldn’t be accepted. Please check the format carefully.

The example below shows how your file could look when updating the conversion.

Your input file must be a comma-delimited CSV file containing the conversions you want to import. It must also:

  • Contain no more than 50,000 conversions
  • Match accepted value restrictions (case-sensitive)
  • Include headers for each column/field
  • Separate records using newline characters

Column name with * is required.


Column Name Description Accepted Values Example
id ID of the campaign if you are updating campaigns via CSV Numeric ID of campaign 316726
title* Title of the Campaign Up to 255 characters Campaign name
description Description of Campaign Up to 65,535 characters  This is an Campaign description
url* URL to the default landing page of the offer Any URL (http:// included) along with defined macros{transaction_id}
preview_url* URL to preview landing page Any URL (http:// included)
status Status of the campaigns ‘active’, ‘pending’, ‘paused’, ‘deleted’ active
advertiser_id* ID of advertiser account numeric ID of existing advertiser ade3167
objective How advertisers will pay recorded as revenue ‘cpa’ – Cost per Conversion (CPA) flat amount model.
‘cps’ – Cost per Sale (CPS) percentage commmission model.
‘cpi’ – Cost per installs (CPI)
‘cpc’ – Cost per Click (CPC)
‘cpm’ – Cost per Thousand Impressions (CPM)
payout Amount affiliates are getting for the conversion Any Monetary value 2.2
revenue Amount you are getting for the conversion from your Advertiser Any Monetary Value 40
coverage Location for which the conversion is valid Two-letter capital letter. For All Location value should be ‘ALL “ALL” or “US,IN”

An error prior to upload completion could be caused by one the following reasons:

  • File contains more than the maximum of 50,000 lines.
  • Headers contain invalid fields or are not formatted correctly.
  • File type is not valid. Make sure you’re uploading a comma-delimited CSV file.

Lines failing to update could be caused by one of the following issues:

  • Click session has expired or isn’t active.
  • Clickid is invalid or doesn’t match any recorded sessions in your network. Pixel-based sessions aren’t recorded until the Clickid is passed in an offer URL.
  • Data for a field is invalid or is formatted incorrectly.
  • Conversions already exist for the clickid. The upload won’t record duplicate clickids unless the Multiple Conversions campaign tracking setting is enabled.

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