Importing from Cake Software

With the release of new Features in vNative, we have made the availability of linking CAKE marketing software with your network.

To avail this feature you should click on

1. Click on Integration from the Right top of the panel.

2.Click on Add New+ button there.

3. Click on CAKE. 


4. Enter the data of your CAKE Platform.

Advertiser: Select the Advertiser, whose campaign you are importing. If you are working as a company then you can add an Advertiser of yourself and can import selecting yourself.

API Key: Enter the API Key of your network.

Network Id: Enter your network Id here.

Append to URL:  If you want to add parameters into your URL then you can add it from here.

Affiliate Id: Enter your Affiliate Id in this column. Affiliate Id is given by your network whose offers you are running.

Ratio of Payout/Revenue: Enter the Payout/Revenue, so that our revenue can sense the ratio and auto fill the Revenue and Payout column. Here Revenue is the payout given by CAKE.
Eg: If Revenue: $2 and Payout: $1.8 the here Ratio => 0.9

Find other methods of importing offers from the other networks.

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