Importing offers from Hasoffers.

Start by importing data from your Hasoffers to vNative. Click on Integration. Then click on Add New option.

Then select Hasoffers from the options given.

Advertiser: Select the Advertiser, whose campaign you are importing. If you are working as a company then you can add an Advertiser of yourself and can import selecting yourself.

API Key: Enter the API Key of your network.

To get the API from the Hasoffers Panel you need to follow the below: 
1. Click on APIs from the Tools menu in the left side menu.
2. Click on Request APIs Key.

Network Id: Enter your network Id here.

Append to URL:  If you want to add parameters into your URL then you can add it from here.

Ratio of Payout/Revenue: Enter the Payout/Revenue, so that our revenue can sense the ratio and autofill the Revenue and Payout column. Here Revenue is the payout given by hasoffers.
Eg: If Revenue: $2 and Payout: $1.8 the here Ratio => 0.9

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