Publishers Data Import

If you have previous data pending in your previous tracking software or you want to Add Publishers in bulk then you can add publishers manually with vNative CSV import feature. To import Publishers data follow the below steps;

Step 1: Click on integrations,

Step 2: Click on CSV uploads,

Step 3: Click on Publishers and select the file from your computer and click on Upload.

Before clicking on upload button make sure the .csv file should be in the required format.

name and email are the three required fields in the CSV file. Even if one of the record in these three columns is incorrect then that whole record wouldn’t be accepted. Please check the format carefully.

The example below shows how your file could look when updating the publisher.

Your input file must be a comma-delimited CSV file containing the conversions you want to import. It must also:

  • Contain no more than 100,000 publishers
  • Match accepted value restrictions (case-sensitive)
  • Include headers for each column/field
  • Separate records using newline characters

Column name with * is required.

Column Name Description Accepted Values Example
name* Name of the publisher/company Up to 255 characters  ABC Company
email* Email address of the user for this account
phone Phone number of company +(country code + area code + number)  +911651651318
country Country in address Two-letter capital letter  UK
ref_id Reference ID for this publisher account for another system Up to 255 characters xyz1289
Password Password used to login to pubisher interface Must be more than 6 characters in length. If no password is entered on creation, a password using the firstname + zipcode in lowercase josh@1234
Website Website of Company Does not work with ‘http://’ prepended

An error prior to upload completion could be caused by one the following reasons:

  • File contains more than the maximum of 50,000 lines.
  • Headers contain invalid fields or are not formatted correctly.
  • File type is not valid. Make sure you’re uploading a comma-delimited CSV file.

If you need to change something relating to an advertiser, you can do so directly on the platform or (for enterprise accounts) through the Network API.

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