Multiple Landing Pages

Many times, your offers and campaigns will have more than one landing page where you want to send traffic to. You might want to A/B test your landing pages to see which one converts better, or have different payouts for each landing page that your traffic lands on.

Instead of creating new campaigns for each landing page, you can add multiple URLs to one campaign. Each URL can allow the affiliate to designate what URL they want to send traffic to. When they grab a tracking link from their panel, they can select which URL the tracking link will be sent to.


Enabling Landing Page Features

To enable this feature you need to click on Customize button from the Header Menu,

Click on Campaign,

Then enable the Additional Campaign URLs option from here.


You are now ready to add the Multiple Landing Page URLs in your campaigns.

Adding Multiple Landing Page to  the  Campaign

You can add Multiple Landing Page after creating the Campaign. Select the campaign in which you want to add the landing page.Click on Edit button from the Setting Column.


Now, click on Landing Page option, then click on Add Landing Page button.


Enter  the Title, preview  URL, and Destination URL in  the Pop-up

  • “Title” is a name that you will reference in the vNative platform for reports and for selecting the URL in certain campaigns.
  • “Preview URL” is the URL that you can send affiliates to so they can preview the landing page. This field will not track, so there is no need to add additional parameters.
  • “Destination URL” is the URL that you will send traffic to. For a list of macros that can be used in this field, see our article on passing values to an offer URL.


Edit/Delete Multiple Landing Page

If you want to edit an additional URL from the campaign, click Edit in the URLs section on the specific URL. Then Enter the details.  If you want to Delete the Landing Page, click on Delete Button. Traffic will also cease to redirect to this URL. The default URL cannot be deleted, but if you want to change this, then you can do so by going to the campaign details section and editing the default campaign URL there.

Generate Landing Page URL


Step 1.  Select the Publisher,

Step 2. Click on the Landing Page Checkbox,

Step 3. Select the Landing Page.

Step 4. After selecting a landing page, your Tracking URL for a specific Landing Page will look like this: . This is your tracking link for that Landing Page.

If you are facing any issue related to  Landing Page URL, shoot us a mail to


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