Referral Commissions for a Publisher

Setting referral commission settings for a Publisher

When your Publisher refers someone to sign up for your network then sharing a special link and can earn some referral commission.
To set the referral system for your publisher then Click on Gear Button then click on Configuration, then click on Referral Tab.

Type :There is two type of referral programs you can run through the network.

  • Percentage : Selecting Percentage you can provide your publishers commission on the percentage basis. 
  • Flat Amount :  After selecting Flat amount, you can provide your publisher Fixed commission for per publisher addition through him.

IsRecurring : Enabling this feature you can provide your publisher a repeated commission.
Base Field : You can add the commission in the publisher account in two types.

  • Profit : Commission will add as profit of the publisher,
  • Payout : Commission will add in the payout of the publisher


Rate : Set the flat amount/Percentage of the commission which you are offering your publishers. 
Publisher : Select the publisher to activate the referral link for it.
Referral’s Created : In this right section you can see the referral status of the publishers.

Click on the  Cross button to disable the referral function for the particular publisher.


Referral earning status in Publisher dashboard and Referral Link 

Publishers can see the referral earnings by clicking on Account section from the right top in the Publisher Dashboard.

They can share referral link the given link to get the commission.
Publishers can also check the Commission Status and the Publishers details who signed up through that Publisher.

By click on Earnings a button below every signup Id, publishers can see the commission details from that referred publishers.

Above image showing the publisher earning from that referred publisher.


If you getting any problem using this system either contact your account manager or shoot us the mail to


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