Reselling Program

vNative Performance Marketing Software welcomes clients to join the reselling program

Take part in our Reselling Program to expand your own yield and introduce our ad management platform to a wider audience. Bring new clients to vNative to receive a significant revenue share based on the amount of impressions our new clients deliver.

Open for Everyone

Our Reselling Program is open to anyone interested in the ad serving and affiliate marketing business. We welcome all current vNative Market and vNative Ad Server clients to participate and encourage experienced affiliate marketers to join.

Revenue Share

To participate in the Reselling Program, simply introduce potential clients to our sales team via email. If they become our client within 3 months, you will be considered a participant of the Reselling Program and begin to receive the revenue made by vNative via your referred client for a period of 12 months. The revenue shares may vary from 5%-30%.

Contact Us to Learn More

To take part in our Reselling Program please contact us and learn more about the terms and conditions of this program. You will be provided with a personally assigned affiliate ID and given all the necessary information you may need to effectively promote our scalable ad serving solution.

vNative Market Referral Program

In addition to the vNative Reselling Program, all existing clients and affiliate marketing experts may choose to participate in the vNative Market Referral Program.

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