Adding and Managing Advertiser

vNative doesn’t want to build the barrier between you and the business, thus we allow you to add unlimited advertisers.
With vNative, you can add your new and existing advertiser by two ways.

  1. Either by adding them manually from the network dashboard.
  2. by registering with the customized signup form(whose links you can send to your advertisers).

Adding via network dashboard

Step I: Goto Advertiser and click on Add from the advertiser option in the left menu.

Step II: Fill-up the information of the affiliate.

  • Password: Password should contain at least 8 characters. This password would be sent to the advertiser’s  email.Click on Add.

OR you can register Advertiser by sending the registration form. 

To get the registration form click on create an account then, click on ‘Are you an advertiser?’



You have to approve the advertiser’s account from the dashboard.

Click here to know how to customize Advertisers forms?


Manage Advertisers

You can easily manage the Advertisers in some clicks. To manage the Advertiser:

Step I   :  Clicks on Advertiser then click on Manage.
Step II  : Select the Advertiser which you want to manage.
Step III : Now edit the information of the Advertisers.You can Edit their information, Disable their account, Delete them and Login as Advertiser.

To edit their information, either click on their Name or Click on the Edit button from the Action Row.

After clicking on the Edit button, you will get redirected to the page below.

Now you can easily edit the information of the Advertiser.

If you are facing any problem you can contact your account manager and can mail us to



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