The action shown in the advertiser’s dashboard is in ‘REAL TIME’ . We allow Advertisers to customize their dashboard. They can select the widget of their need.

In the Top Campaigns widget, you will get the information of all your top performing campaign in the network.
In the Smart Link, you  will see which category working good/bad in the smart link.
In Clicks Widget, you can see the today, yesterday and overall clicks. This will only work if you are running the Cost Per Click ( CPC ) campaigns.
In the Impression Widget, if you are running some impression campaigns ( CPM Campaigns or Videos campaigns ), then you see impression stats in real time here.
The Conversion Widget will only counter only if you are running Cost Per Acquisitions ( CPA ), Cost Per Install ( CPI ), Cost Per Sales ( CPS ) and Cost Per Lead ( CPL ).
In the Revenue Widget, you can check today, yesterday and Overall billing amount. Overall shows your billing amount.
In the Performance chart, you will get the graphical view of the performance.
In the  Performance Map, you will get the information of the top performing countries on the world map.

Whatever will happen on the dashboard will happen in ‘REAL TIME’ .

If you are facing any problem you can contact your account manager. 

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