Affiliate Referral System

What is Affiliates Referral Program?

Referral Program for Affiliates is a way to drive new Affiliate to your network through individuals who work for you directly. In practice, they can actually be rather different ways of acquiring new users in your network. 

Affiliates Referral Program isn’t overly complex. In fact, getting started is as simple as putting yourself in your affiliate’s shoes. Objectively, would you recommend your company’s products to others? Where and how would you do it? What incentives would motivate you to increase your referral activity? What barriers would keep you from doing it?

Affiliate Referral Programs are highly effective at increasing valuable word of mouth marketing, helping to improve your network performance.

Setting referral commission settings for an Affiliate

Before running the referral program for your affiliate make sure that this feature is enabled in your network configuration.
To check this, Click on Customize then click on Publisher, then click on Publisher Referral’s System. 

After enabling this feature Referral Link option will appear in Affiliate Menu.

When your Affiliate refers someone to sign up for your network by sharing a special link. For every signup, they can earn some referral commission.
To set the referral system for your Affiliate then Click on Publisher then click on Referral Links, then click on New Referral Link.

Then you’ll get redirected to this Page,

Type :There is two type of referral programs you can run through the network.

  • Percentage: Selecting Percentage you can provide your affiliates commission on the percentage basis. 
  • Flat Amount:  After selecting the Flat amount, you can provide your affiliate Fixed commission for per affiliate addition through him.

IsRecurring: Enabling this feature you can provide your affiliate a repeated commission.
Base Field: You can add the commission in the affiliate account in two types.

  • Profit: Commission will add as profit of the affiliate,
  • Payout: Commission will add in the payout of the affiliate


Rate: Set the flat amount/Percentage of the commission which you are offering your affiliates. 
Publisher: Select the affiliate to activate the referral link for it.
Referral’s Created: In this right section you can see the referral status of the affiliates.

Click on the  Cross button to disable the referral function for the particular affiliate.


Referral earning status in Affiliate dashboard and Referral Link 

Affiliates can see the referral earnings by clicking on payment from the left side menu-bar in the Affiliate Dashboard.
By click on Transactions a button , affiliates can see the commission details from that referred affiliates.

Above image showing the affiliate earning from that referred affiliate.

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