List of Publishers


Publisher’s List

After creating publishers, you can check the list of publishers by clicking on the Publisher on the left side menu bar, then click on Manage;


Activate/Inactivate Publishers’ Account

vNative allow admin to activate/Inactivate the account of publishers.  If you yourself add the publisher from the Admin panel, then by default their account is activated, but if publisher register with the signup page then you have to activate them from the panel.

To Activate/Inactivate the account, Click on publisher from the left side menu bar, then click on manage then select the publisher whose platform you want to Activate/Inactivate. You can check the activate/Inactive status from the status row.

Activate/Inactivate the account by clicking the button on the platform.

If  you are facing any problem, please contact your account manager or write  us to

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