Dashboard & Widgets Overview

The action shown in the publisher’s dashboard is in ‘REAL TIME’. Publishers can customize their Dashboard  according to their need by using the widgets option from the top.

In Clicks  column, you can see the today, yesterday and overall clicks. This will  only work if you are running the Cost Per Click ( CPC ) campaigns.

In the Impression column, if you are running some impression campaigns ( CPM Campaigns or Videos campaigns ) , then you see impression stats in real time here .

The Conversion column will only counter only if  you are running Cost Per Acquisitions ( CPA  ), Cost  Per  Install ( CPI ) , Cost Per Sales ( CPS ) and Cost Per Lead  ( CPL ) .

In the Revenue Column,  you can check today, yesterday and Payout/Overall. Overall shows your all the earnings and payout shows how much network going to pay  you.

( Click here to know  how to generate the link for the campaigns ? )

You can check top Publishers  from the Dashboard  by adding Top Publisher widget.

You can also check the top performing campaigns by checking the  Top Campaigns widgets, you can also pick top campaigns from the dashboard

You can check the top performing domains by selecting the Top Domain widget from the widget option.

Whatever will happen on the dashboard will happen in ‘REAL TIME’.

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