To perform well in the network a Publisher should have the reports of the previous campaigns. Publishers can check which campaign is working good in the network through the campaign section. Publishers can check date-wise reports of every campaign and earnings.Click on Reports button, mention in the Top Menu bar of the panel.

Custom Report

Publishers can check campaigns working records by clicking on Report from the top menu. Then selecting Custom Report.
They can check report by selecting the specific campaign from the Campaign Bar.
To see the records sorting by the specific groups, they can select it from Group by section.
For  Example, If I need to check reports group by campaigns. Then I’ll select campaign in the group by bar.


If I select countries in the group by section then I’ll get the report on the campaigns sorting with the countries from where I got traffic from.



Conversions Report

Publishers can check the their conversion records from the conversion report panel.

Campaign: You can select the campaign/s and see the conversion records for that particular campaigns. You can select multiple campaigns as well.
Type: Choose the type of report you want to see, there are several types of reporting. The report can be on the basis of Goals, Sales or conversions.
Click ID:  Enter the  Click Id to sort out the data for the particular Click Id.
Conversion ID: You can filter out the data on the basis of conversion Id.
Sub ID: Enter the Sub Id to sort out the data for the particular Sub Id.
Check the Reporting of canceled or uncanceled conversions.
Click on SUBMIT button.



Earning Reports in Publisher Panel:

Publisher can check their payment report by going to Account then clicking on Payments tab.



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