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Creative files are an integral part of any campaign, as publishers often use creatives in their campaigns to promote the campaign. Providing a robust set of creatives to publishers generally improves a campaign’s performance. Plus, having readily available creatives lowers the barrier to entry for publishers to get their campaigns live on their campaigns.

vNative provides the infrastructure for you and your publishers to store image banners, Flash banners, HTML ads, GIFs, text links, email creatives, and XML feeds within your network. You can also upload and have non-standard creatives available, along with hidden assets and campaign thumbnails.

Enable Creative Upload

To enable creative upload click on Customisation, then click on Campaigns, Enable the Creatives Upload, click on Save button.

Adding Creatives

Go to Campaigns from the left side menu bar. Select the Campaign of which you want to add the creatives.

Click on Creative Tab then click on Upload Creatives. 

Now Select the Type of File, Upload the File, enter the Title and Description.

Click on Submit. 

Types of creatives

Image Banners

Image banners are the most common creative files on the internet and are also known as display banners. These image files must be in one of the following formats: *.gif *.jpg, *.jpeg, or *.png. The creative code can be generated for these images. The height and width are determined dynamically upon upload.


GIFs are the  animated images. These files must be in a *.gif format.

Email Creatives

Email creatives are used to display custom HTML code with the goal to be displayed in an email newsletter. The main difference between email and standard HTML creatives is the email creative requires an unsubscribe link at the bottom, and there are no dimensions set.


Similar to Email  Creatives, you can add in custom creative code and upload any supporting images to be added in the HTML code. Since we don’t generate the HTML automatically like with image and Flash banners, you have to specify where to add the publisher’s tracking link by adding a {tracking_link} macro to the creative code. This will be generated dynamically for each publisher that grabs the tracking link. For HTML ads, you will need to specify the height and width. This is the best option if you are hosting your banner creatives outside vNative.

 Text Links

This is a standard HTML anchor tag that contains simple call-to-action text. You insert the {tracking_link}macro in the anchor tag to generate tracking links for publishers.

XML Feeds

This creative is a quick way to take a syndicated list of products listed in an XML formatted file and swap out their product page URLs with publisher tracking links for the publisher.


Shortcut to Upload Creatives

Click on Campaign from the left side menu bar, then click on Creative. Now click on Upload Creative to upload the creative.


Now select the Creative Type, select the file (file size should be less than 10 MB) and select the campaign for which you want to add Creative. Now click on Upload button to upload the file. 

If you are facing any issue mail us to or directly chat with us.

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