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Creating campaigns is the fundamental requirement for running the network. How to Create Cost-Per-Click (CPC) Campaigns has been one of the recent question discussed among pioneers of the advertising town.

With our auto-fetch system, we help users to automate the campaign’s details entry while creating the campaigns.
To create the campaign you have to:

Click on +Add New from the Dashboard, then click on Campaign.




Step I:  Goto Campaigns from the campaigns tab on the left side,
Step II: Click on Create Campaign button shown on the right top of the panel.
Step III: Fill up the Campaign Details.


Now Enter the Details of Campaign:

  • Choose Objective: Select from Conversion, Sale, App Installs, Impression, and Clicks,
  • Advertiser: Select Advertiser whose campaign you are running
  • Device: Select from Device list on which you are planning to display ad
  • Title: The title of Ad
  • Description: Optional description of product/service/offer
  • Destination  URL: Your affiliate would be sent to this URL. You can add the extra parameter to get more information about the source
  • Preview URL: This is the  URL which shown in the offer of the preview page
  • Category: Select a Category or add new ones
  • Revenue: Amount you are charging from advertiser
  • Payout: Amount you will pay to affiliates
  • Geo Coverage: The Countries list where ads will show
  • Visibility: Visibility let you make the campaign private or public.
    • Private:  While doing the campaigns private only you and your selected affiliates can see that campaign and can run that campaign.
    • Public: While doing the campaigns public every affiliate can see that campaign and will able to run that campaign.
    • Permission: By enabling this the affiliate will need your permission to run that campaign.
  • Thumbnail: Thumbnail Image for Ad
  • Postback Tracking: If you want only postback tracking then select postback only otherwise select Postback & Pixel both. If you are working on Pixel tracking then, make sure if you’ve selected the Postback & Pixel in this column.

Now Click on Create and then after creating, click on the campaign to get tracking clicks details.

Know how to Set city specific Commission.

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