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After working with the many networks, we experienced that it’s hard to maintain enthusiasm among the publishers. So publisher networks either pay extra money in the end of the month or they ‘Host Contest’ with some attractive prizes.

In vNative, you can easily host the contest with simple 3 Steps.

STEP I: Click on Contest from the left side menu bar then click on Add New Contest; 


STEP II: Click on Add new Contest.


STEP II: Fill up the details.

Tittle: Tittle of the contest. It can be any.
Type:  You can two type  of the contest:
1.)  Click Range:  Contest on the basis of clicks produce by the publishers.

 2.) Top Earner:   As payout may be different for the campaigns,  so you can run the contest based on the earning of the publishers.


An example of  the filled form:

Contest bases on Click Range.


The contest based on Top Earners.
In this column, you can add the consideration for the top earner and their prize.

Enter the starting and the end date for the contest.

STEP III: Click on the submit button. Then your contest will get created. 


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