Setting Custom Targeting Rule

Targeting Rules within vNative allows you to redirect a clearly defined audience to optimal landing pages in order to increase conversion rates, EPC’s and other metrics.

 To set the Targeting rules, follow the steps below:
STEP I:  Click on the Campaign, then click on Manage Campaign.
STEP II: Click on the campaign on which you want to set the Rules.
STEP III: Click on Targeting Tab, then to create new Targeting Rule for the campaign click on New Targeting Rule.
Now Targeting Rules has been set for the selected campaign.
p1,p2,p3,p4,sub1,sub2,sub3,sub4, ipaddr,referer,OS,Browser,City,Country,ISP are the Some Parameter on which Targeting can be set-up.
Note: You can also add multiple records by adding the pipe ( | special character ). Suppose you are adding multiple cities in the targeting rules then add Delhi|Mumbai| Pune.

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