Campaigns Manage and Campaigns Activity

One can easily edit campaigns with vNative. After creating campaigns you can edit/disable and delete them.  You can also check campaigns effectiveness from the same panel.

Edit the campaigns

After creating campaigns, if you want to edit the campaigns you have to 
Goto: Campaigns from the left side menu bar.


Select the campaign which you want to edit. You can now easily update the campaign’s information. And then click on update button.


Image: Showing Campaign Details

To Disable/Delete the campaign you can click on Disable/Delete. Remember, Disabled campaigns won’t be able to track the events further and you can only delete the campaigns with no clicks/conversion added.

After clicking on update Button; full details of the campaign has been successfully edited.

Campaigns Activity

To check Campaigns Effectiveness, click on server log button from the left side menu. Then click on activity option.

Then select the campaign/s whose activity you want to see. Then click on Submit. 

 If you face any issue in the software, you can contact to your account manager or can mail us at

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