Set Caps on Campaigns

Sometimes you may want to limit the number of events(clicks/Conversion/Impressions)  or budget that a Publisher can drive to a Campaign. These circumstances may include you advertiser has already given you a restricted cap, or that you may be testing an offer to see.

vNative allows you to set up caps flexibly. You can set caps based on Clicks, Conversion, Impressions and Budget amount. You could also set caps by Daily caps, Monthly caps, and Lifetime caps.

Note: Before setting Caps and limits always check that your cap system is enabled in the Campaign section of Customisation.

To set the Caps for campaigns follow the below steps:

1. Select the Campaign on which you want to set caps and limit,

2. Click on Edit in Settings Column,

3. Click on Default CAP Tab,

4. Fill up the limits and caps.

Type: In type, you can set the caps on the revenue, payout, clicks, and conversion basis,

Goal: To Apply the Cap restriction on Goals, select the goal from here,

Publisher: Select the publisher on which you want to apply the restriction,  

Daily: If you want to set the restriction on Publisher on the daily basis, then after selecting the type you can enter the restriction amount here.

Monthly:  If you want to set the restriction on publisher on the Monthly basis, then after selecting the type you can enter the restriction amount here.

Lifetime: If you have some requirements which publisher can achieve quickly and can exceed your limits then you can use this lifetime option by filling it with the required amount of parameters.

Redirect: When the Publisher overrides an offer’s traffic volume/payout/ revenue, then to save the Traffic you can Select the Redirection from this option. You have four options on which you can redirect the Traffic.

  • Blank: The Traffic will get the Blank Page.
  • Different Campaign: You can divert the Traffic to the Different Campaign with this selection.
  • SmartLink: You can redirect the Traffic to a Particular Smartlink of the particular Category.
  • Global Redirect URL: You can redirect the Traffic to Particular URL. How to add Global Redirect URL.

 Click on Save, your cap/s have been applied.


Edit/Deletion of Caps

You have two ways to Edit/ Delete the Caps

Click here on Edit button to Edit the Cap or The Trash button to Delete the Cap.


You can also edit the caps for the specific publisher from the publisher manage.

To Go this way:

1. Click on Publishers, Click on Manage,

2. Select the Publisher,

3. Click on Edit button from the Setting card,

4. You can Edit or Delete the Cap of that publisher. 

Click here to Check the Caps Report.

Note: CAP is checked every 5 minutes, New or Updated CAP are effective to all server within 10 mins.

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