Set Caps on Campaigns

Sometimes you may want to limit the number of events(clicks/Conversion/Impressions)  or budget that a Publisher can drive to a Campaign. These circumstances may include you advertiser has already given you a restricted cap, or that you may be testing an offer to see.

vNative allows you to set up caps flexibly. You can set caps based on Clicks, Conversion, Impressions and Budget amount. You could also set caps by Daily caps, Monthly caps, and Lifetime caps.

Note: Before setting Caps and limits always check that your cap system is enabled in the Preferences section of Configuration in Settings

To set the Caps for campaigns follow the below steps:

1. Select the Campaign on which you want to set caps and limit.

2. Click on Caps & Restrictions Tab.

3. Fill up the limits and caps.  Click on Save.


You can also set the caps for specific publisher on particular Campaign.

To set this:

1. Select Publisher Specific Cap

2. Select the Type,Publisher and enter the Limit. 

You can set caps for multiple Publishers by clicking on Add New.

Check how to set overall caps and limit for a publisher.

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