Counter Setup and Fraud Alert

Things to start with before starting ad network in vNative …

Fraud Detection

Fraud protection is undoubtedly an Important feature required in a Network. Customization of Fraud detection in the system is one of the reason of why people choosing vNative. With vNative one can easily restrict the fraud traffic source for campaigns.

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Clicks Records

If you are dealing with the  Cost Per Click (CPC), then you can track the clicks record from the vNative.  You can also get clicks records details after filtering with some parameters. You can also extract the report in CSV format.

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Publishers Performance

Every publisher network’s livelihood depends on the performance of publishers. For the better execution of the network, you have to monitor the performance of the publishers periodically. To have the broader look towards the publisher performance from the vnative platform.

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Deactivate Tracking Link

Sometimes, you might run into the situation where you will have to disable a  publisher tracking link. While no one wants to do this, it is often a necessary step to prevent a publisher from causing any fraudulent activity or they are being reported for spam and a tracking link needs to be disabled.

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