Fraud Detections

Fraud Detection or Filtering Bot is undoubtedly an Important feature required in a Network. Customization of Fraud detection in the system is one of the reasons for why people choosing vNative. With vNative, one can easily restrict the fraud traffic source for campaigns.

To set the customized  tracking system go to : Campaigns >> Select the Campaign >> Click on CAPs & Restrictions.


After clicking on edit you can Set the restriction for the campaign.

Device Restrictions

Select the Restricted device for the campaign. The selected devices will be restricted to that particular campaign.

Anti-Fraud  Delete for the campaign.

By checking to this option you can let your system delete the fraud click by itself for a campaign automatically.If you want to delete the fraud click automatically then check on ‘YES’ otherwise when you select  ‘NO’ if you do not want to delete the fraud clicks.

Blacklist the IP

To blacklist (ban) an IP you can simply add the IP address you want to ban.  If there are more IPs for the ban, you can insert them all comma-separated. You can even use restrict multiple IPs, so if you want to blacklist multiple IPs then you can separate the IPs by the comma.For example:  102.30.400.0, you can use, (comma) between two IPs. Using IP Restriction for Transaction ID support option you can enable this feature.

Cookies Lifetime

The most reliable way how to track proper publisher is to use this tracking method. When a publisher refers a customer to your shop and the customer registers or purchases something, vNative will tie this customer with the publisher internally. Next time when the customer shops with your, they do not even have to use the same computer, they can login from the completely different country but the commission will still be tracked correctly. It is up to you what data will be used to tie publisher with customer – email or some unique customer ID from the shop you use. Enter the number of days in the conversion cookie lifetime column so that our system will retrieve the data accordingly.

Block  Referrers

You can easily block the referrer’s website of the traffic. To block the referrer website you can use the Block Referrers Containing the part column.
You can Use comma “,” as a separator between two names,
For empty referer blocking use: \s*

Unique Click Count

You can customize you click counting on the basis of IP or Cookies. If you want to customize the click only on the basis of unique IP then check on IP only otherwise if you want to count unique click on the bases IP and Cookies then check on IP + Cookies as an option.


Campaign Caps

Each campaign has the ability to override a campaign payout/revenue along with setting their own custom conversion, clicks, payout and revenue caps. Publishers can call for a different payout & revenue depending on their volume and conversion quality of the campaign. This serves the purpose for advertisers that have a limited budget to payout for conversions for their publisher program, so adding a cap for an offer will help the advertiser not go over budget.

To set the campaign’s cap you can select the type of caps you want to apply then you can fill-up the data according to your need.


Auto Delete Fraud Clicks.

vNative allow the user to choose whether to delete the fraud automatically or not.  You can find this option by clicking on configuration then click on preferences,  there you will find the option to enable/disable this option.

Click fraud protection is separated into multiple levels:

1. You can recognize repeated clicks from the same IP address and decline or not save commissions for those clicks

2. You can decline or choose to not save commissions for clicks coming from banned IP address ranges

3. You can decline or not save commissions for clicks coming from blacklisted countries

Sale fraud protection settings offer the following options:

1. You can recognize duplicate orders coming from the same IP address

2. You can recognize duplicate orders coming with the same order ID

3. You can decline or not save commissions for sales generated from banned IP address ranges

4. You can decline or not save commissions for sales generated from blacklisted countries.

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