Advertiser’s Security Token

What is Advertiser’s Security Token?

The security token is a case-sensitive alphanumeric key. The purpose of the security token is to improve the security of the postback conversions.It ensures the authentication of each conversion with a unique token of the advertiser of the campaign.

How do Security Tokens work?

The advertiser security token works in a similar manner as a security parameter, where passing the value in a postback request will authenticate the conversion, and not passing that value will result in a rejected conversion. This setting is set up at the advertiser level and is applied to all the advertisers postback campaigns. Affiliates will not be aware this is a required field and cannot obtain this value on their end.

vNative provides many tools to prevent your network from Publisher fraud, whether it be our own fraud reporting, monitoring, or settings that prevent conversion tracking to be manipulated by publishers. The Advertiser Security Token is a feature that authenticates each conversion with a token string that is unique for the advertiser of the campaign. It works very similarly to an API key in authenticating calls. With this enabled, you can expect to have another level of security from any potential fraud by publishers attempting to force-fire any postback URLs.

How does the security token look like?

You can find the security token in postback URLs.


This will require all conversions for that advertiser’s offers to include this security token for conversion authentication. If the postback doesn’t have this value in the URL when fired, the conversion will show as rejected in the conversion report.

We didn’t bound this plan to our enterprise consumers. It is available for every plan. You can also Delete the security token if not needed but we recommend you to use it for the safety purpose.


If you are facing any issue in advertiser’s security tokens contact

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