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To set a single ‘commissions set’ you need to set the default commission for the network by this option. This will help you if you are working on a single commission set constantly. This feature will help you in saving your time.To set the default commission you need to follow these steps:

Step I: Click on Setting (Gear Button )from the right side, then click on Configuration.

Step II: Click on Default Commission tab.


You can set the commission on the basis of countries.You can change the models and Payout from here.

To create new commission click on New Commission. You will get a pop-up to set the commission.

Select the Objective of the campaign.

  • Clicks (for CPC) : Cost per Click – Clicks! vNative counts 1 conversion for every unique or last touch click (based on attribution model). Use this price format when paying a publisher per unique click.
  • Impressions ( for CPM) : Cost per Mille – Impressions! vNative count 1 conversion per every 1,000 unique impressions.
  • Conversions ( For CPA/CPS/CPL ): Cost per Acquisition/Install/Sale/Lead – The CPA price format is used when you’re paying a publisher a FIXED AMOUNT per conversion, whether it is a sale, download, or any other action. This is dependent upon a pixel fire/or postback from your advertiser’s page or server. vNative counts 1 conversion for each pixel fire/postback from your Advertiser.
  • Sale ( for CPS/CPL %  commissions): Cost per sales/lead on the basis of PERCENTAGE  COMMISSIONS per Sale. This is also dependent upon a pixel fire/or postback from your advertiser’s page or server.
  • App Installs ( for CPI): Cost per installs-  App Installs format is used when you’re paying a publisher per Installation of App. You only run App Installs campaign of the App only when vNative SDK is installed into the App.


You can select multiple countries at a time by clicking on the country name. If you want to set one payout commission, you can select earth and set the payout accordingly.


Payout is the amount you will pay to your publishers according to your set model.
To add multiple commission by clicking on New commission and Filling up the information.
You can easily Edit and Delete the campaign commission from here.

If you are facing any problem while setting network’s default commission, you can contact your account manager or can mail us to

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