Network Management

Things to start with before starting ad network in vNative …

Network Settings

Before starting with the network some setting for the appearance and other settings is to be done.To access the networks setting go to  Network from the left side menu bar.

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Network Bills

Network owners can check their billing status if consumed extra the numbers of events from the recent subscription plan.

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Sometimes you want to send some notice to the  publishers or the advertisers, then you have to send them the notification. Notification can be for a single person or for all the publishers or advertisers.

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Add and Manage Team Member

As network is not run by an single person,  you can add team members and manage their roles from admin panel.

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Enable or Disable Callbacks

The global postback URL notifies a third-party system of a conversion. Global postbacks are extremely convenient and efficient as they also provide you with a solution to get set up in third-party networks with ease and speed.

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Managing all PostBack/CallBack

Callbacks/Postback are methods to send data to and from different servers these are also called server to server tracking. Postback method can be implemented by apublishers and advertisers.

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