Add and Manage Team Member

To add the team member  Goto: Account option from the Left side menu bar, then click on Team Members, click on New Member button shown on the right top of the panel to add new member in Team

Fill up the details of the member. You can also assign the role for the member from the role dropdown.

You can assign one of the three roles to a team member:

  • Publishers Manager:  Publishers manager can manage publishers account. Affiliates manager can deal with the  several works:
    • can add and manage the publishers,
    • can generate campaigns link for the publishers,
    • can see the performance of the publishers,
    • can create invoices,
    • can update the payments.
  • Advertisers Manager:  Advertisers manager will able to handle publishers account. Advertisers manager can deal  with the  several works:
    • can add and manage the advertisers,
    • can create the campaigns of the assigned advertisers
    • can see the performance report of the advertisers,
    • can create the invoice of the advertisers and can update the billing.
  • Admin: Admin role is the role assign to access the overall handling of the network. Admin can manage the whole working of the network. From network setting to managing affiliates and advertisers, everything would be in control of the admin.  Added Admins cannot delete the super admin


After filling up the details, click on Save. Then, the member got added in the team.

Click here to know how to Assign Publishers / Advertisers to your Team Member.

To Delete the Team Member

You can also delete the Team Member from this Team Member Panel.To delete the member go to: Network from the left side menu bar, click on Team.
Now delete the team member by clicking on the delete button. You can also disable the member and can also edit the information of the member

Note:  You can only delete advertisers manager and affiliate manager but cannot delete Admin from the panel.



Happy Team Building!

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