Sometime you want  to send some notice to the publishers or the advertisers, then you have to send them the notification. Notification can be for a single person or for all the publishers or advertisers.To send the notification the to the user you can click on the Notification icon from the right side setting bar.


Here you can check all the previous notifications.

If you want to delete some notification then you can delete them by clicking on REMOVE button.

Send the notification:

To send the notification, click on New Notification.

Then type your message in the message box .




vNative allowed network admin to send the notification to the single user or to the whole group . These are the two different type of  notification

  • Single User Notification
  • Message to the whole group



 Single User Notification

First,  type the message then select the user section. You can send news to advertisers or publishers from the panel.Suppose, we want to send the notification to publishers group then we will select publisher from the user section.



If we want to send the notification to the particular publisher then we  can select the account from the target section. Suppose  in this case we want to send the warning to the account named ‘ publisher demo’ .  Then click on SEND button.




This is how the notification looks like to the publishers in their panel.




Multi-User  Notification

For multiple users,   you either can send the message by selecting multiple accounts or by selecting all.
To send the message to multiple users first draft the message then selects the user section (Advertisers or Publishers) . Suppose we want to send the notification to publishers group then we will select publisher from the user section .




Then select the no. of persons to which you want to notify. In this case, we want to notify all the publisher so we select ALL and click on SEND button.



This is how the message looks like to all the publisher group.




Notifications at Publisher’s Dashboard

After sending notification to the Publisher named ‘ pubisher demo’. He can see the notification like the image below.


If you are facing any of the problem while sending the notification you can either contact your account manager or you can contact us at

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