How to create advertisers Invoice

In this article, we are going to show you how you can create the invoice of the advertisers.
Created invoice will have the day by day stats of clicks and billing of advertisers.

To create the invoice you should follow these steps.

STEP  I: Goto:  Advertiser from the left side menu bar, then click on Invoices and Payments.

STEP  II: Select the account for which you want to create the invoice;  Select the duration of invoice.  Click on Fetch Details


STEP  III: Then you will get the date wise report of the selected advertiser. Now to generate the invoice click on create  Invoice.


STEP  IV: Now you can see that the invoice has been created.




Advertiser’s Dashboard 

Advertisers can check the billing stats from the billing section. When you create the invoice for the advertisers, then they will get the invoice amount in the billing section.



If you are facing any issue, contact your account manager or shoot the mail to

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