How to create Publisher’s Invoice

In this article, we are going to show you how you can create the invoice of the publishers.
Created invoice will have the day by day stats of clicks and earnings of publishers.

To create the invoice you should follow these steps.

STEP  I: Goto: Publisher from the left side menu bar click on Invoices, you will get all created invoices. To Create New Invoice, click on New Invoice.


STEP  II: Select the account for which you want to create the invoice;  Select the duration of invoice.  Click on

You can create two kinds of invoices.
1. Campaign wise invoice
2. Overall invoice, after selecting these options you can click on Fetch Details.

Then you will get the date wise report summary of the selected publisher. Now to generate the invoice click on Create Invoice.

STEP  IV : Now you can see that the invoice has been created.


Auto Generate Invoice

Click on Customize from the Top menu bar then click on Invoices.
Click on Auto Generate Invoices if you want to automate the invoice creation for the publishers.

Activate Auto Generate Invoice by clicking on Yes/No.
Invoice Frequency: 
With this option, you can set the number of days to which the invoice of the publisher created automatically.

Day of the Week: Select the day on which you want to generate the invoice.

Offset: No of days to look past. Eg: Monthly invoice will be generated for 1st of last month 30th/31st of last month. If Offset -> 10 then start -> 1st of last month – 10 days and respectively.

Minimum Invoice Payments: This is to specify the threshold of the payment amount for creating the invoice of the publishers. The invoice amount which exceeds the minimum invoice payments amount will be created  of the

Payment Types:  This option allows you to update the payment option through which you can pay publishers. publishers will only be allowed to update their account details to selected payment types from this section of the network dashboard. Contact your account manager if you don’t find your favorable payment option in the payment types.


Hence, publisher’s invoice will create at every set frequency.


Publisher’s Dashboard 

When you create the invoice for the publisher, then the publisher will get the invoice amount will get updated in the revenue section.

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