Postback Records

Callbacks—also called “postback” —it’s used in server to server tracking method of tracking conversions that use the advertiser’s server rather than the user’s browser

Network owners can check the records for postback records of the publisher by clicking on Server Logs from the left side menu bar, then click on Callbacks


Status Code: You can Check the logs on the basis of the status of the postbacks.

Postback ID: Check-out the postbacks results on the basis of the Id.

Click ID: Search the Postback log with Click ID.Click ID is the ID which is given to that click done by the visitor.

Conversion ID: Search the postback log with Conversion ID. Conversion ID is the ID which is given to the conversion when Conversion is Done.

Select the  Start and End date of the records, then click on Submit.Hence you will get the postbacks details between the selected time period.

If you are facing any discrepancy in the records, contact your account manager or mail us to

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