Conversion Records

If you are dealing with the  Cost Per Acquisition, Sales or  lead(CPA, CPS or  CPL) campaigns, then you can track the Conversions record from the vNative.  You can also get Conversions records details after filtering with some parameters. You can also extract the report in CSV format.

STEP I:  Click on Server Logs from the left side menu bar then click on Conversion; 


STEP II:  Select the period; select Start date and End date according to your need. You can filter the  Conversion Data on the basis of various parameters.

Campaigns: You can select the campaign/s and see the conversion records for that particular campaigns. You can select multiple campaigns as well.
Publisher: Choose the publisher/s of which you want to see the clicks details. You can see the data of one or more publishers by selecting the multiple publishers.
Click ID:  Enter the  Click Id to sort out the data for the particular Click Id.
Conversion ID: You can filter out the data on the basis of conversion Id.
Click on SUBMIT button.

After clicking on submit button, you can see all the conversion records on the panel.

If you are facing any problem, you can shoot the mail to or contact your account manager.

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