Setting Custom Publisher Payout & Caps

Why is this feature in vNative?

Sometimes network holders have the internal deal with the particular publisher who wants to work on the constant payout rates.  So by enabling this feature, you can set the default payout rate for the publisher. Different payout of the campaigns will not affect the payout of the publisher.
You can set the default payout of the publisher by following these steps.

STEP I: Go to the Publisher from the left side menu bar, then click on the Manage. After getting into the list of publishers, select the publisher;


Setting Publisher Caps

Each publisher has the ability to override an offer payout/revenue along with setting their own custom conversion, clicks, payout and revenue caps. Publishers can call for a different payout & revenue depending on their volume and conversion quality. This serves the purpose for advertisers that have a limited budget to payout for conversions for their publisher program, so adding a cap for an offer will help the advertiser not go over budget.

STEP II: To set individual conversion caps for specific publishers, go to Publishers from the left side menu click on Manage. Select a publisher and click on Edit button from the setting column. Here, you can Edit/Delete caps for the specific publisher account.


If you are facing any issue in saving custom payout, contact your account manager or shoot the mail to


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