Test Conversion Tracking Link

In the performance marketing, affiliates often want to track conversions in real time on their end. Affiliates frequently ask to test Postback Integration. To do this we created a functionality so that you can test the link easily from the panel. After updating the callback in the publisher panel follow the below steps to test the tracking link for the conversion.

Step 1. Click on Campaign from the left side Menu,

Step 2. Select the campaign whose link you want to test,

Step 3.) Click on Manage Tracking Link,

Here you will get the data of all the tracking links generated from the panel.


Step 4.) Click on Send Test Conversion,


5.) Enter the Tracking URL and Select from External Software or vNative link. 

If your partner running on vNative software then select vNative link from the drop-down else select the External Software.



Step 6.) Click on Run Test.


Contact support@vnative.com, if you are facing any issue with our Testing Feature.

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