Publisher Payout Tiers

Publisher Payout Tiers is a feature that enables you to quickly set up and manage groups of publishers, and assign different payouts of an offer to those groups. This feature can help you filtering publishers on the basis of their quality traffic. This features help networks to ensure the top payout to the top publisher. Network can also distinguish the payouts based on other characteristics such as geo-locations.

Step 1: Enable this feature
Click on Setting>>Configuration>>Preferences>>Enable (from payout tier column)



Step 2: Create the Payout Tier in the commission section of the campaign.
Click on Publisher TIERs from Publisher Option in the left side menu bar.

Here you go create the payout you want. You also have the option to activate or deactivate Particular TIER.
Remember only the Default tier will appear while setting the Single commission based campaigns.  

Step 3 : Now after enabling and creating Payout Tiers, you are able to set the payout tier of your publisher’s for the campaign.
You can set the TIERs rate while creating the campaign selecting TIER from radion button in the below commission section.

Using our payout tier feature you can set the payout of your publisher for a campaign, for example as we set:
For your top publishers: Standard
For your average Publishers: Gold,
For your low-grade Publishers: Silver.

For every campaign, you can set payout tier separately.

Generate Ticket at if you have some query.

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