vNative App for Advertisers

Advertiser working with vNative performance marketing software networks can take the business to go with the vNative Advertiser Mobile App. Your Campaign performance is always at your fingertips, no matter where you are.

Key features:
– Measure Performance Real-Time
– Easy charts showing payout, revenue, conversions, clicks and impressions
– Better Comparisons between time frames to quickly measure performance changes.

Getting the App

You can find the App on the app store, visit the app store.


Logging in for the First Time

You can login to the app either with the API Key or with the QR Code. You can get them from the Web App by  Account section from the menu bar>>Clicking on API

Scan that QR code with your vNative Publisher Android App.

Using the Dashboard

Once logged in, the app displays hourly stats for the last two days and a total of the last seven days. Advertisers can see the Data by selecting the Date Range.

Variety of Stats

Volume Reports of Clicks, Impressions, Conversions, Debit in the Selected date Range. 


Check the number of campaigns running on the network

Advertisers can check the list of their campaigns running on the network.


Checking the Campaigns Details & Performance.

Advertisers can check the campaign details by selecting the campaign. Checking the performance stats of the campaign by clicking the performance. In the performance, you can see the clicks stats, conversions stats, Impressions stats, Debit stats.




Get in touch of if App not supporting anyone of the above.

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